Albert was born in Sihsing family, through Billy and Sui Nei, in the year of 1994, October 9. In 1997, he and his father Billy moved to Champhai City, Mizoram State, East India where Billy was serving as a teacher. In the year of 1999, they moved to Aizawl City.

At Aizawl, Albert started attending school from Nursery to Class II. After a couple years in Aizawl, Albert returned back to Myanmar with his sister Helen in the year of 2003 while his father Billy remained in India. In the next year, 2004, his father Billy planned to come to back to Myanmar. Unfortunately, Billy could not make the move as he suffered septic and passed away on the 28th of February, 2004. In the same year Albert moved to Kale city by the help of his uncle Thian Lian (the older brother of his father). Then, he continued school in Kale from class 4.

After passing class 8, Albert joined Government Technological High School specializing in Electrical Technology, hoping to become an engineer one day. Surprisingly, he was not qualified to join the university.  After disqualifying, he was so upset but  without giving up he applied the government high school to sit the matriculation exam in the coming year. By the grace of God and through his hard working he passed the exam with a record high marks of the school.

In the next year, which is 2014, he started attending Computer University, located in the northern part of Kale. At the same time, he started attending Kale Bible College. After a year, he left Computer University because of not getting what he expected from the school but he remained at the Bible College until finishing the second year. Luckily, Albert got a chance to move to Australia by the help of his mother during that year. Now Albert is studying Computer Systems at Box Hill Institute, which is located in Melbourne, Australia.

Here are all the works Albert has done and still doing. As soon as he finished high school he served as a principal and teacher at Ekklesia Study Center, which is run by his uncle. He worked 3 years at that school. Not only that, while he was a student at Computer University, he also served as the Vice President of Ngawn Students Fellowship and the Financial Secretary of Ngawn Youth Association, Kale Branch. Above all, after becoming a Christian in the April of 2011, he was serving as a youth leader at Kalay Church of Christ until he left Kalay. As the time had come to say goodbye to his hometown, he left all the jobs and move to Yangon for preparing to go to Australia and to be with his mother. While he was in Yangon, he taught some Bible subjects at Myanmar Bible College and travelling to some places to share God’s word with the brethren in Yangon. Albert is actively serving God from the time he became a Christian. He writes gospel articles, preaches and teaches God’s word every time and from every corner, he can.

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