Will only 144,00 spend eternity with God in Heaven? This is a favourite theory of those who claim to be the witness of Jehovah. This is based on an erroneous interpretation of Rev 7 and 14:15. Here we see a group of 144,000 standing with Christ, the Lamb, on Mt. Zion.

A Literal Interpretation of the passage forces one to an absurd position. A careful reading of the passage reveals: (1) All are men, 14:4 (2) All of them are Jews, 7:4. (3) All are male virgins not defiled with women, 14:4. (4) The number excludes Jews of the tribes of Dan and Ephraim, 7:5-8. (5) The number is very limited compared to the number of generations who will stand before God in the resurrection. (6) They stand with a lamb, 14:1. (7) They stand on Mt. Zion, 14:1. (8) They have the seal of God stamped on their forehead, 7:3-4.

If we interpret this passage literally, then the following would be concluded: Only 144,00, branded, unmarried, male Jews who had no sexual experience could stand with a lamb on Mt. Zion. Ridiculous? Of course. This is because it is a False Conclusion forced by an erroneous interpretation.

The true interpretation. Much of the Bible is presented in a figurative language designed to teach Spiritual truths. In this light, we see a limited number of Jews who believed in Christ. They are cleansed from their sins and are followers of Jesus the lamb or sacrificed of God.We see a tremendously large group of Gentiles saved also. The lesson contrasts the limited number of Hebrews who would follow Christ with the innumerable number of Gentiles who would follow.

There is one hope for all Christians, Ephesians 4:4. This is eternal life with God in Heaven, Rev 21:1-4. The true church will thus represent the scriptures to all men. False witnesses offer a false hope of heaven.

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