Last Youth Meeting of 2016

Today, we the youth from Church Street Church of Christ made our last youth meeting of the year. It was really good to be with the youth from the local congregation. They all are really nice and it is absolutely encouraging to be with them. To be exact, it has been six months that I am the part of God’s family in Melbourne. I always love to be with the folks. Today is the fourth and last time of the year that we made this youth devotional session. First of all, I really appreciate the hospitality of the Chin family, as they were the host of our today session. Secondly, I thank Daniel who was in charge of arranging this session to happen. Finally, I thank all the youth for coming to this session. By the way, I have to thank Jin as he is always in charge for fetching us. 

My sister Helen, brother Jin, and I started leaving my house around 9:45 AM. Then we went to the Kerkula’s residence to pick Ruth. We arrived at the Chin’s house around 11:10 AM. There we prepared the lunch. The lunch was really nice. After finishing the lunch, we had a short devotion. I spoke about “Stress and Time Management,” which was not a perfect speech but I hope everyone was encouraged. After I spoke, Jon added a very special comment, which really helped my speech. I do really appreciate that. When we finished the devotion we have desert then we started watching a movie, which is “The BFG.” I hope everyone enjoyed that movie. It was really a great time to be with these lovely young brethren. 

We do have another session after the movie. So, we, some of the youth who have spare time went to Joanne’s house to help her in cleaning the garage and cutting the grass in front and back yard of her house. There I got two lovely young friends Sophie and Kelly. I did really enjoy the time there. Once again, I would like to say I am very happy to be with these lovely brethren. They all are very inspiring for me. I always thank God for giving me the privilege to be here and part of His family in Melbourne. It is one of my prayers and hopes to be part of this lovely family and serve God with them all the days of my life.

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