The Sixth Month

It has been already 6 months that I am in Australia but it seems just yesterday that I left Myanmar. During these days a lot of my ex-classmates while I was in Government Technology High School, Kale are appearing on Facebook and they really make me miss Myanmar. Sometimes it is good to talk about the past but not always.

During these days, life is a bit busier than before as I am approaching to the end of first semester. I have exams every week. Exams are good for testing but they are not fun. However, after six months life is getting more comfortable. I have no problem anymore with the language, accent, and the environment.

But during these days, I feel like I am getting weaker in Spiritual because of my busy school stuffs. To be honest, this is just an excuse. It should not be matter whether I am busy or not. All I have to do is to spend some of my time for God as he is always lending me 24 hours  a day and 7 days a week. As I used to say, “My life is only for God and His kingdom” but sometimes I failed to live. However, I should remind myself it is only because of Him that I am in this condition and situation. Without Him life is nothing.

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