Happy Birthday My Father In Faith

It has been about 10 years that Donald Posey and I know each other. We have done a lot of things together. First, we started our relationship as friends. But actually, we are brothers in Christ. Then I knew he was a very good friend of my dad. That helps us having a strong relationship. He always cares about me and loves me. After my dad, I am confident to say he is the best and nicest person in this world. So, I respect and love him as a dad. This doesn’t mean that I replace my dad but I love him as my dad. I am always happy when he says “I love you, my son.” Honestly, that is one of the sweetest words I have ever heard in my life.

Today is his birthday and I would like to let him know his son (in faith) from Australia wishes him a very happy birthday. I am so happy to have  a brother in Christ, friend, and dad (in faith) like him. This is a very great blessing that I receive from God because he inspires me, encourages me, and corrects anytime I need. He is very special to me. So, I would like to say “I love you dad” from the very bottom of my heart. And then, once again “Happy Birthday My Dad In Faith.”

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