Car Accident

This memory is not a good one to remember but it has remained firmly in my mind. On the night of September 30, I was returning back to home from the Church Camp with the Chu family. Unfortunately, it was already dark and late when we returned back so we were lost and wandering in Melbourne city. Then we tried to follow the instruction of GPS. The GPS was telling us to turn left on the way then the driver turned to the left. Immediately, sister Ruby saw the sign post that left turn cannot be made but it was a bit late. Then the car that was coming straight hit us from the back. Our car made a round turn. By the protection of God, no one is injured but I was really shocked because this was my very first experience in a car accident. We were stuck about 2 hours on the way. After two hours one of our brother in Christ came and picked and fetched us back home. I was really shocked as the memory keeps replaying in my mind again and again. I tried to relief myself from that nightmare but I could not do until some couple days. However, I thank God for protecting us and also to everyone who keeps praying for me during this hard time.

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