Prayer Request

By the grace of God the father and Jesus our Lord and Savior, life is getting better in Melbourne. As some of you already knew I am learning computer systems and networking at Box Hill Institute. During  week 9 I will be having the term exam and now I am already in the week 7. By the way, after week 9 I will be getting 2 weeks holidays. It seems to be so good but before that leisure time comes I need to survive in this coming exam first. Importantly, I would like to say thanks from the bottom of my heart to everyone who keep praying for me. You all are in my prayer as well. Likewise, this time, I humbly would like to make a prayer request as I am about to have an examination in the coming couple weeks. Not only that I need to study well and need to be in good health as well. Unfortunately, my eyes are getting weaker than before so I might need to use glasses soon.  However, everything is in God’s hand and will be done by His will but as His children, it is our responsibility to pray to Him so that He might provide what we need. Once again, I would like to remind all of my brothers and sisters in Christ to keep praying for me to do well in my exam and to shine my Christian light to my surrounding as well and you all are always in my prayers. May God bless you all.

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