From Sad Stories To Best Experience

On this coming Sunday, I will be doing my third preaching after arriving in Australia. Preaching God’s word is what I really love to do and this is what I must do. But my preaching of this coming Sunday might be different than the preaching I have ever done in my life because of the topic that I am planning to preach. There is one lady who has the same belief like me when I was around 14 and that makes me remember why I become a Christian. Until I lost the third person whom I love most in this world I did not realize how short is life and we can die anytime. The very first person whom I really love most and lost first was my dad, this was a sad story which will not be forgotten until the end of my life because he had a lot of promises to me that he will do when he come back from India. But he never did that because of the sudden passed away. The second person is my best friend who was born in the same year and grew up with me under one roof. He and I were hoping we could spend more time together in the future but he left alone after the electric shock of one evening. The last one is my girlfriend while I was in the last year of high school. I cannot express in words how much I loved her but she left me alone again after motorbike accident of one evening. Until losing the third person I was spending my life as a bad boy and I did not want to accept Christ because I enjoyed my life. At last, I was taught a very hard lesson by people I love. They taught me how short is life and there is no guarantee for tomorrow. Likewise, there are many people who do not want to accept Christ even they know Him that He is our Savior and Lord. So,it is very important to know why you are living and what is your purpose of living. I personal strongly recommend saying living is for Christ.

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