After Four Months

Now the time that I am in Australia is getting into four months. Life is much better here comparing with Myanmar. Especially, I really thank God that I can start a new better life here. But, as I am a new starter it was not easy at the first time. However, success is for who never give up. After two weeks of arriving I started IELTS class and after 2 months I started attending Box Hill Institute for Diploma in Computer Systems. Going back to school after spending two years gap is pretty hard but I have survived. During the first week at school, I was asked a lot of question like; where are you from? Are you an international student? and say again, something like that. It is so hard because Australian speak different English accent. It is pretty close to British accent but different. This was the main problem that I struggled with during my first week at school. The next one is the weather. During last month the temperature dropped down to 0-degree celsius. That was the hardest day of my lifetime. I do not know what to do and do not really have any idea. But I survived again. Now, we are at the edge of spring. It is going to be fun. I really want to know what kind of summer does Melbourne really have.


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