To a better life.

It has been two months that I am in Melbourne. Life is getting much better than before but I am still trying to manage this huge change in my life. Currently, I do not have much problem with the living standard but the only problem I am suffering is the weather. The weather is now always below 10 degree Celsius and sometimes it is about 2 and 3 degrees. It is really hard for me but I am getting to use. The blessed thing that happens for me in Melbourne is finding the Church to fellowship. During the few past weeks, I did one sermon in English for my first time preaching among the English speaking brethren. In the coming four weeks, I will have more chance to serve God in worship service. However life goes, I am glad to be a Christian and to meet very nice Christians in Melbourne. By the way, I will be starting soon my Diploma course in the coming couple days. My schedule for schooling is very tight but I am happy to do this. Then if the Lord is willing I will be participating the camp held by the Church during September. At last, the only last thing I would like to say again is God is good all the time.


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