A Powerful Prayer

Every Wednesday I have to go to church for Bible Class. Unfortunately, today was a rainy day in Melbourne. Church building is about 20 minutes drive from my house. Usually, on Wednesday, I used to go by train. The train station in the sub-ward where I live is 10 minutes walk from my house and the church building is another 10 minutes walk from the train station which is about 20 km far from the sub-ward where I live. After 5 minutes I left my house, I can feel some rain drops falling on me. Then there were two options in my mind. To return back home or to keep going to church.But the only thing that came to my mind is to pray to God for stopping the rain. Then I prayed, “Dear, heavenly Father if it is thy will, please do not send the rain until I arrive at the church building. In Jesus name. Amen” Then I kept marching toward the train station. Later, I realized that this was to test me whether going to church as a duty or with true willingness. However, I am glad that I can put God first in whatever I do. No matter what happen in my life, my precious life given by Him will be only for Him.


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