May 28, 2016

It has been three weeks that I am in Melbourne, Australia. As I have mentioned last time everything is new for me here. Especially living style and food are so different. Until today, I still eat rice once a day. I hope I will get familiar soon with the living style in Australia. Another point to talk, the temperature is keep dropping. This morning it was 6-degree celsius. According to the weather forecast, it will still drop down to 0-degree celsius. I try my best to use the environment as it is too much different comparing with the previous country I lived, Myanmar. As starting a new chapter of life things are not settling yet right now but I pray and believe that everything will be fine soon. I have never dreamed to live and study in Australia. However, my family is here. I have a place to dwell, a good school to go, and God’s family to fellowship. I should be happy because all things are done by the will of God. Finally, I have to say that I am happy here even though everything is not good because I know that all will be fine soon by the help and guidance of God.


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