It has been throughout my whole life that I am trying to find the word “Christmas” in the Bible. But I cannot find until today. The only reason why I do not find that word is, it is not used in the Bible. But why many so called Christians are observing this Christmas as the birthday of Christ? If we look back to history we can find that people started using the word Christmas only in the second century of AD. There is no proof that December 25 is the birthday of Christ. Some celebrate Christmas on January 6, some on 7, and some on 17. Why are they celebrating the birthday of Christ on different days? Was Christ born on different days? The answer is “No.”

We only read in Bible that Christ was born. There is no mentioned date, month, year. So I would like to say that Christmas is a human created festival to satisfy our flesh desire. Not to bring glory to God. I have been to many places during this festival. I only found people getting drunk, committing adultery and sometimes even killing. I do not think that God will be happy to celebrate the birthday of Christ in this way even if the day was mentioned in the Bible. In many western countries, they celebrate Christmas as a winter holiday, time for fun. That is so good. We do not need to use the name of Christ to satisfy our flesh desire. Let flesh be flesh and spirit be the spirit.


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