God always loves you.

Once there was a boy who was about to be killed because of believing in God. The man standing beside him said, “If you give up your faith we can release you.”
But the little boy said, “No.”
Then the man said, “Okay if so, do you have anything that you want me to tell to your family?”
The little boy said, “I want to talk to my dad.”
Then they made a phone call to his dad.
As soon as his dad hold the phone the little boy asked his dad, “Dad does God still love me?”
His dad said, “He does love you and he will love you always.”
After that the little boy dropped the phone and he was headed.

This is the story that I read from one newspaper about two years ago. It really touches and broke my heart. I wonder whether every Christian will be brave as this little boy or not.

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